Bridal Bliss specialise in matching couples with unique wedding centrepieces for hire – tailored just for them. From classic to quirky, we have a great range of vases, votives, candle holders and bases that we can help you turn into your dream wedding centrepieces for hire.

Our terms or wedding centrepieces for hire are so flexible. Collect from us from our Birkdale showroom, or we can deliver and collect for a small fee.

Cylinder Vase

Great with: Any style of flower, kissing balls, submerged flowers with LEDs, floating candles and much more

Sizes (cm): 20, 25, 28, 30, 30 (white), 35, 50 and 50

Price: From $8 – $14

Trumpet Vase

Great with: Tall floral centrepieces that wont obstruct your guests’ view across the table.

Sizes (cm): 50 and 60

Price: $10 – $12

Fishbowl Vase

Great with: Low centrepieces. They look great with flowers, acrylic ice or as a terrarium

Sizes (cm): 5, 10, 20 and 25

Price: $1 – $10

Goblet Vase

Great with: Available in sets of three, our goblet vases are a great flower-free centrepiece that still offers height and character.

Type:  Golden and crackled

Price: $25 (3pc)

Hurricane Vase

Great with: Pillar candles – as table centrepieces, room decorations or ceremony decor

Size (cm): 15, 20 and 25

Price: $6 – $8

Eiffel Tower Vase

Great with: Flower arrangements, feathers and kissing balls. Available in clear and white, the Eiffel Tower is the ultimate centrepiece statement.

Size (cm): 70 – Available in clear or white square base or white round base

Price: $10

Hanging Sphere

Great with: Hung from centrepiece trees and props, from archways, balustrades, or from any fixture, hanging spheres are a classy and fun addition to any event.

Sizes (cm); 15, 20 and 25

Price: $6 – $10

Belly Vase

Great with: Floral centrepieces. Paired with cylinder vases or votives, Belly Vases are a quirky and practical option!

Size (cm): 35

Price: $10

Square Vase

Great with: Short stem flowers or acrylic ice

Size (cm): 12

Price: $8

Bell Vase

Great with: Rustic weddings. Pair with one of our timber round options for a young, fresh look!

Size (cm): 20

Price: $8

Rustic Vase

Great with: Rustic vases and jars are so fun to mix and match. Combine our clear, hessian and coloured options, and timber round bases for a vintage or rustic dream design.

Size (cm): Assorted

Price: $1 – $4

Martini Vase

Great with:  Combine martini glasses, mirror bases, votives and kissing balls for a modern glamorous look.

Size (cm): Assorted up to 70cm

Price: $8 – $20


Great with: Mix and match our range of votives for a chic modern look.

Type: Clear, frosted, frosted heart, fishbowl, flared, gold, square, gold/silver mercury, geometric, Egyptian crystal and more

Price: $1 – $5


Great with: Paired with gold geometric votives, gold cubes create a modern stylish look

Price: $8 – $12

Tealight Candles

Price: Real flame and artificial flicker candles.

Mirror Bases

Great with: Vases. votives and acrylic scatters to create a complete and stylish centrepiece

Sizes (cm): 30 (square), 30, 40, 50 and 60 (round), and hexagon

Price: $3 – $12

Timber Bases

Great with: Coming either polished or raw, timber bases create a rustic look

Sizes (cm): 25 raw, 20 polished and 35 polished

Price: $8 – $18

Egyptian Crystal

Great with: Team different pieces from the Egyptian crystal range to create a bold and blingy look

Size (cm): 6, 7, 18, 22, 24 (sphere) 28, 36, 36 (lamp style) and 90 (5 arm candelabra)

Price: $5 – $40

Manzanita Trees

Great with: These real and manzanita trees are a must have when it comes to wedding centrepieces for hire that have guests talking. They look great with hanging spheres with flowers or tealights!

Types: With moss bases or in a white cylinder vase

Prices: $25 – $30


Some great idea to go with your centrepieces

Types: Ostrich feathers, acrylic ice and willow with fairy lights

Price: $1 – $5